and make SNEKS Happy!
  • 90% BNB from presale locked for 6 months!
  • Token made to be Deflationary
  • 4% to Liquidity & Liquidity Burning
  • 4% Redistributed to all HODLers after every trade
  • Presale price the same as public listing price
  • Donating to Charities & Exotic Rescues as token marketcap is growing
  • Strong and Fair launch: Everyone had opportunity to buy together, even us! (Presale ended in minutes!)
  • Presale whitelisted: avoids bots and set to 1BNB Max buy so no large dumps on token launch
  • Ownership Renounced: making this a community managed token
  • No Minting: means devs cannot create more tokens out of thin air to dump


Why Snakes?
All of your life you've probably heard stories about snakes, stories that always seemed to make them out to be the villains. From the Garden of Eden tales in the Bible to more modern stories such as Harry Potter, snakes always seem to be portrayed as deceitful, villainous creatures. The Reality is that snakes will often prefer to escape and never actually want to be noticed, so all of these myths and fables seem to be the only exposure to snakes that most people get. Consequently, making them misunderstood and feared. We're here to change that with Happy$nek! You've probably heard of all the animal rescues and charities... but what about Reptiles and Amphibians? We hope to change that by providing a charity styled community token that will allow the community to choose the % sent to a donation wallet that will go to helping reptiles, amphibians and more. We'll also be locking in liquidity (amount listed above) while the community grows around Happy$nek!

What We Do
We created a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain that will fight to build a strong community such as you've probably seen with other coins like doge, safemoon, & safejesus, and will hopefully grow to provide utility for snakes and other reptiles all around the world!

How to buy Happy$nek

  • Download and install any wallet that allows for you to trade BEP20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (Metamask, Trustwallet, Binance Extension)
  • If you're looking to buy some Happy$nek tokens, you'll have to head on over to your favorite dex such as pancakeswap, 1inch, llamaswap, windyswap.
  • Head over to their Exchange section of the website
  • Set your slippage to 9% by hitting the settings button above the FROM field.
    Most common error / solutions: try setting slippage a little higher or lower. Make sure you're on Pancakeswap v2 and that you're leaving enough BNB to cover the fee. You may be able to set lower slippage to 1% if you change the end number to a 1. (example: the amount is 537699556 change to something like 537699001)
  • Put in the Happy$nek contract code: 0x69b2f663d311c0743ec6fd40bea04f31bd9704b6
  • Double check that you are on the Binance Smart Chain network in your wallet and not Etherium Mainnet
  • Make sure you're BEP20 wallet is connected and allow the purchase
  • Make sure to add the token to your wallet if they aren't showing up by hitting the + sign and insert the contract ID number into your wallet to add the custom token
  • Rest well now that you know you saved some sneks and made them happy sneks!



our timeline: new to old
  • On Pause

    Unfortunately we were unable to meet our marketing goals and with the recent crypto price drop it seems like all of these communities are on hold until things pick up again. it looks like crypto is on its way back up and we will move forward from there when possible to rebuild, regroup, and restart with our main goals.
  • Marketing Begins

    This month and next month we will be releasing some marketing campaigns between social media websites and other crypto related groups. We urge anyone with experience in this type of marketing to join our telegram listed below and let us know what you can do. We are looking to build a good core team of trusted sneks to slither beside us as we make our way to the moon. We may move a bit slower than your usual poocoins but we hear slow and steady wins the race. So head on over to our telegram and show us what you can do! We will provide you with some graphics if necessary but custom work is great too!
  • Donation Wallet & Video Contest

    May 7 2021 - 10pm - We just released the Donation wallet address for anyone interested in pooling funds for snek charities, marketing, and much more mentioned below. We also announced we would be giving away $100 BNB to best video created by the community. We will pick 3 of the best submissions and we will have the community vote on who should win the BNB!
  • POOCOIN.APP Listing!

    May 07, 2021 - We are currently listed under the VETTED tokens section of the poocoin.app website. You can head on over to our chart and see on the sidebar that we are showing in the list. This means that our token has passed some guidelines needed to show this token is safer for investors. You can view the requirements here.
  • Slither to the Moon!

    We are now gearing up after launch to make a few announcements once things settle down a bit. stay tuned while we finish setting everything up. This is a community token so everyone needs to help market and promote the token so we can get more users and begin creating utility for this token! Don't forget, we are also going to be donating to charities and helping out our fellow sneks!
  • Public Token Sale

    May 5th 2012 by 12pm - Liquidity was changed from being locked for 3 months to 6 months when token was being launched and is now available for purchase at any BSC BEP20 DEX. We recommend using PancakeSwap (v2).
  • Telegram Group Whitelist Presale

    May 5th 2012 10am - Token Presale Launched with a whitelist of anyone who was in the telegram group and filled out our whitelist form. Once presale went live everyone on that list was able to purchase and presale ended within minutes! See the presale details here on unicrypt.network
  • Project Creation

    Mid April we decided to create a deflationary charitable token to help out sneks and other reptiles that do not generally have many people looking out for them. While snakes are hated and feared by most, we have a great community of snek lovers! We began creating the social networks, website, telegram group and more!